• Five Nights of Live Music
    Five Nights of Live Music

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Out of Bounds Live Music

Updated 4th July 2023

A week of live events alongside The Open Championship at Royal Troon

Out of Bounds is a diverse celebration of live music and entertainment coinciding with the world’s greatest golf event returning to the Ayrshire coastal town and the message is to get across that while the Open Championship takes place Troon is indeed Open for business.

Event Dates | Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st July 2024

Venue | Troon Concert Hall

With a capacity of 850 mixed seated/standing or 600 seated this old school venue with balcony offers a superb acoustic experience as well as a great layout. The building can create a great inclusive venue with the traffic flows to a dedicated catering area and small second stage too. Located in the centre of the town it is situated less than two kilometres from The Open Championship venue at Royal Troon.

The Background

Whilst The Open has massive impacts on the tourism sector when it comes to town it quite literally closes the town of Troon off with out-of-town car parking removing traffic and reducing the impacts of the event to local businesses. This is not going to change for 2024 and as before and the policy of no readmission will be applied to the Open at Royal Troon.

The Out of Bounds event is part of a planned business development project (“Troon’s Open”) that will allow the town’s stakeholders to shout very loudly that the town centre exists and that there are multiple good reasons for attending and breaking from the pre-ordained route planning of the R&A.

The objective is to create a premier events programme with the Troon Concert Hall at its core with satellite events and local business marketing building out from the high profile night-time events and benefitting restaurants, pubs and retailers throughout the week. 

The Events

Five nights of live music and entertainment are planned using Troon Concert Hall as a “festival” hub. The event is being promoted by the events team behind the highly successful WinterStorm Rock Festival held each November and the building will be utilised fully with three separate areas and multiple events across the property.

Whilst labelled festival this is a series of stand alone “club” gigs priced individually.

Main Concert Hall

  • Live music and entertainment from a world class portfolio of artistes and genres

The Reception Room

  • Second stage with live music and entertainment until late with Pop up restaurant with Ticket plus Meal

The Walker Hall

  • The Best of Ayrshire’s Larder with food and drink sourced from local producers


Each night will offer a different genre aimed at different demographics with the visitor/Ayrshire/Rest of Scotland target market creating an eclectic programme for the week.

  • Traditional Scottish
  • Contemporary Scottish Folk Rock
  • Blues/Classic Rock Night
  • Classic/New Wave Rock
  • Pop / 80’s

Bands and Artistes

Expressions of interest are sought from agents and management for the events at Out of Bounds as part of 2024 summer tours or festival arrangements.

Please note that we cannot price this as a festival – it is a theatre with limited capacity and pricing appropriate.

The entertainment brief above is open at the moment, and nothing has been ruled out – multiple night residencies, two shows per evening. The genres will be mixed and with increased rail services to the town it will open up the Glasgow market by rail. 

The event falls in the middle of the festival season and it has a total unique cache with no other Open Championship venue that we are aware of every having put on a live music series during an Open Championship. 

Target Markets

The events will be marketed at three key segments; the international visitor (already booked), the local Ayrshire market and the travel by train market from Glasgow and surrounds.

The pricing will be tiered but will importantly offer high value lower cost ticket prices for the local communities.

Theoretically we are looking at the following three target markets as “thirds”.

Visiting Golf Market

Lucrative high spending market but an unknown when it comes to buying night time entertainment. However with the volume of visitors it is believed that we can create a strong case for achieving a third of the ticket sales through this segment.

To give an indication of the value, the economic impact of the last Open in Troon in 2016 attracted 173,000 spectators to the Ayrshire coastline in 2016 and delivered an economic impact of more than £64 million according to the study compiled by Sheffield Hallam University’s Sport Industry Research Centre.

Local Market

The Ayrshire music market can be pulled to Troon with the correct events and our history of doing so gives us confidence that we can do it for The Open in 2024. One third of the ticket sales are therefore targeted overall for these events. The benefits of the local bars and restaurants is assured.

The Rest of Scotland Market

Whilst for other events we can always sell accommodation packages this is not the case for The Open. This audience is therefore going to come from accessible day travelling audiences from the three hour drive time. There is increased travel options with train services although some concerns about access by car during the day we are hopeful that the council will assist in ensuring night time access to the town by car is still easy.


The nature of the event and its operation parallel to The Open Championship gives us a unique opportunity to not only market the events ourselves but lever positive marketing with some of the private and public bodies working on the Open Championship.

Our building of WinterStorm into an international rock weekend has given us greater understanding of how to reach our markets through a very strong marketing mix that stitches together both paid and viral marketing. We will work closely with partners to promote not only the headline event but also the individual artistes performing to ensure that this is not only about a live set but creating a strong secondary marketing of each band and their music to new audiences. 

Potential partners will include these and more:

Event Scotland | We expect to be able to apply and hopefully  secure event support funding from EventScotland when their 2024 funding is released. This will facilitate targeted marketing of each of the events to the key markets outline above.

We will dovetail into all of the marketing opportunities that the national tourism body can provide. Whilst we can’t generate bed nights for the local economy a considerable share of the audience will be “tourists”. The unique nature of the event will be heavily pushed.

South Ayrshire Council | The Council will be working closely with us at both the tourism marketing end and the local community based elements of the event. This will commence at The Open Championship in Liverpool in July and then hopefully escalate from there to a number of joint marketing initiatives as they try to ensure that local business in the area benefits more from the Open Championship being in Ayrshire.
Travel Trade

With every room in Ayrshire and the surrounding area being sold out it is essential that we create an added value concept for the Tour Operators, travel agents and accommodation providers so that they will actively help promote the night-time element of the event in Troon to their clients. This will commence towards the end of the summer as the 2023 season draws to a close and we will be providing all travel partners with key digital assets for them to share.

Digital Strategy

We will be launching and creating the following digital marketing platforms commencing beginning of 2024.

Website | Dedicated event website promoting the events and ticketing. It will follow the structure of www.witnerstrom.co.uk with each band being promoted in site with links to their own key landing pages.



Social Media | Strategy will be developed to reach the key target markets directly and in partnership with the above bodies. We believe that we can create a very strong buzz around the music event to both primary and secondary audiences.

Mobile App | Aimed at partnering with local businesses to build their affinity with the events. This “Troon’s Open” app will feature all the businesses in Troon in a highly interactive app drawing greater footfall into the town before, during and long after The Open Has passed.
Digital Assets | We will create a full digital promotional kit that will allow bands, partners and fans to help promote the event through their own channels and thereby multiplying the reach of the events and artistes.

Old School Stuff | Delivery of leaflets, posters, merchandise and more to ensure that the widest possible reach is maintained through the year.


The events are being managed by Plan B Events Scotland who operate live music events around Ayrshire including the annual WinterStorm rock festival. 

Initial notes of interest in any aspect of the above should be addressed by email to

Ian McCaig | ian@planbonline.co.uk 

Line Up and Tickets

Line Up and Tickets

View the full line up of The Out of Bounds Festival taking place during The Open Championship at Royal Troon

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In Association with South Ayrshire Council

In Association with South Ayrshire Council

Out of Bounds is being supported by South Ayrshire Council as part of the Destination South Ayrshire programme

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